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Download: Sonny With a Chance
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Sonny With a Chance

No. of episodes: 21
Size of each episode: 180 MB
Format: HDTV

Sonny With a Chance is a Disney Channel comedy television series, created by Steve Marmel, that follows the experiences of teenager Sonny Munroe, portrayed by Demi Lovato, who becomes the newest accepted cast member of her favorite live comedy show, So Random!. The series debuted on February 8, 2009 in the United States. This is the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot and aired in high-definition from the beginning; like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape, but utilizes a 'filmized' appearance.

Main characters

* Demi Lovato as Allison "Sonny" Munroe [3] - A friendly, sweet teen from Wisconsin who landed a role on her favorite TV show, So Random! and excitedly went to star in it. She is often very funny in her sketches, very enthusiastic about doing them to the best of her abilities and is often trying to solve the feud between Mackenzie Falls and So Random. She is now dating Chad as of the episode('s) "Falling For The Falls part 2"

* Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper A teen heartthrob on Mackenzie Falls, the rival teen TV series of So Random!. He is very egotistical and self-centered, although he does occasionally have a soft side, which is usually only shown to Sonny. He is now dating Sonny as of the episode('s) "Falling For The Falls" he is nice to Sonny and her friends.

* Tiffany Thornton as Tawni Hart - A main cast member of So Random! who is jealous of Sonny at first, but every so often, they become best friends. Tawni is a diva; she loves mirrors, make-up and everything about herself.She is another egotistical,selfish and self-centred individual

* Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris - A cast member of So Random! who is best friends with Grady. A running gag throughout the series is Nico jumping into Grady's arms when he gets scared.

* Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell - A cast member of So Random!. He is best friends with Nico. Grady is always involved in strange plans with Nico.

* Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster - A cast member of So Random!. She is very smart, crazy and clever. She is the most cunning of the 'So Random' cast, and is known as "the weird one". The character played a large role in season 1 for the most part, but has been absent for most of season 2 so far.

The original working title for the series was Sketchpad!, and the original name for the main character was Molly Munroe. The show's title was later changed to Welcome to Mollywood, and then an article in Tiger Beat stated Lovato would be starring in "Mollywood". The lead character's name was then changed Holli and the title changed once again to Welcome to Holliwood. The main character's name was later changed to Sonny Munroe, and the show's title was changed a final time to Sonny with a Chance.

Sonny With a Chance has a show-within-a-show, So Random!, complete with fully-produced sketches. Sonny With a Chance's executive producer Brian Robbins previously wrote for and served as an executive producer on the real-life kids sketch comedy series All That for Nickelodeon.

Gary Marsh, president of entertainment, Disney Channel Worldwide, stated "This series is rooted in one of the core thematic attributes that we stand for, which is following your dream, there also was the opportunity to do a hybrid show."[4] The show began production on September 15, 2008 and the first season was taped at Stage 11 at NBC Studios in Burbank, California;[4] for the second season, the show's production moved to Hollywood Center Studios in Hollywood, California, where The Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place and JONAS are also taped.

Shows within the show
So Random!
So Random! is the fictional TV sketch comedy show featured within Disney's Sonny With a Chance. This is similar to other kids' sketch television series such as All That, The Amanda Show, and You Can't Do That on Television, or a child-oriented version of Saturday Night Live and MadTV in which cast members perform scripted comedy sketches. The fact that the sketches are often short makes it a quickfire sketch show, like the Australian shows Comedy Inc. or Fast Forward. So Random! sketches featured in episodes of Sonny With a Chance often focus on absurd situations. Nico, Grady, Zora, Tawni, and Sonny, the five regular stars of So Random!, perform and help to write and edit the show's sketch.

So Random! and a drama called MacKenzie Falls' had a rivalry for two years because MacKenzie Falls often criticizes the cast of So Random! for being on a comedy show, claiming that they're not real actors. The two shows got closer when Sonny tried to make things better and because of Sonny and Chad's on-and-off "relationship". Both may have crushes on each other as seen on episode called "Sonny: So Far". They continue to fall for one another and in upcoming season 2 episode "Falling For The Falls" Part 1 & 2 when Chad asks Sonny out, but this leads into another mishap.

Mackenzie Falls
Mackenzie Falls is a fictional popular prime time drama aimed at tweens starring Chad Dylan Cooper as Mackenzie. The only other known cast members are Portlyn, Chloe, Penelope, Trevor, and Devon.[5] The show films on a soundstage adjacent to So Random![6] The Guardian describes Mackenzie Falls as "basically every teen drama from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl shoved into a blender".[7] Mackenzie Falls' far-fetched and confusing plots parody those of teen dramas and prompt Tawni to ask Chad, "What is your show even about?"[8] Although a Mackenzie Falls episode has never been aired during Sonny With a Chance, the Mackenzie Falls season finale cliffhanger short is included as a bonus feature on the Season 1 DVD.

A longstanding rivalry exists between the cast of Mackenzie Falls and that of So Random!. The cast of Mackenzie Falls often criticizes the cast of So Random! for being on a comedy show, claiming that they're not real actors. The show also was nominated for a Tween choice award against So Random and won, which caused the rivalry to grow even more. Mackenzie Falls cast members all exhibit snobbish behavior and are afraid that So Random! will become more popular than Mackenzie Falls. Chad Dylan Cooper acts as the leader, since the other cast members follow his cues. The upscale Mackenzie Falls studio includes a chocolate fountain, gourmet snacks, massage room, and a meditation room for its actors. The studio cook enjoys Mackenzie Falls more than So Random! and therefore expresses favoritism for the former cast, demonstrated when she fed the Mackenzie Falls cast dishes such as steak and lobster and the So Random! cast dog food and "chicken knuckles." Mackenzie Falls and So Random! got closer when Sonny joined the cast of So Random!, mainly because of Sonny and Chad's on again/off again sometimes more-than-friendship. They eventually start to date when Chad accidentally asked Sonny out, when Sonny was talking about Chads television show in "Falling for the Falls". In "The Legend Of Candy Face" a parody sketch is made by the cast of So Random!, called "Mackenzie Stalls".

Disney has created a web site that reflects websites for other Disney shows. Characters listed along with Chad Dylan Cooper in Mackenzie Falls are Devon, who is always jealous of his half-brother, Mackenzie; Penelope, the former love interest; Chloe, the new girl who is not as rich as the others (her father is worth only $10 million) and therefore she is hated by Penelope, yet wants to be with Mackenzie, and Mackenzie's best friend, Trevor.


Season 1: 2009

01. "Sketchy Beginnings"
02. "West Coast Story"
03. "Sonny at The Falls"
04. "You've Got Fan Mail"
05. "Cheater Girls"
06. "Three's Not Company"
07. "Poll'd Apart"
08. "Fast Friends"
09. "Sonny With a Chance of Dating"
10. "Sonny and the Studio Brat"
11. "Promises, Prom-misses"
12. "The Heartbreak Kids"
13. "The Heartbreak Kids"
14. "Prank'd"
15. "Tales From the Prop House"
16. "Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner"
17. "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" - Part.1.
17. "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" - Part.2.
18. "Hart to Hart" - Part.1.
18. "Hart to Hart" - Part.2.
19. "Sonny in the Middle"
20. "Cookie Monsters" - Part.1.
20. "Cookie Monsters" - Part.2.
21. "Sonny: So Far" - Part.1.
21. "Sonny: So Far" - Part.2.

Season 2: 2010

01. "Walk a Mile in My Pants"
02. "Sonny Get Your Goat"
03. "Gassie Passes"
04. "Sonny with a Song"
05. "High School Miserable"
06. "Legend of Candy Face"
07. "Gummy with a Chance"
08. "Random Acts of Disrespect"
09. "Grady with a Chance of Sonny"
10. "Falling for the Falls (Part 1)"
11. "Falling for the Falls (Part 2)"
12,13. "Sonny with a Secret"
14. "The Problem with Pauly"
15. "That's So Sonny"
16. "Chad without a Chance"
17. "My Two Chads"
18. "A So Random! Halloween Special"
19. "Sonny with a 100% Chance of Meddling"

== EnJoY ==

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